People Care Support Services


Community And Centre-Based Activities

We understand the difficulties that you might be experiencing when it comes to connecting with others in the community.

 If you have NDIS funding for this category , we can help you to

* Socialise and communicate with others in a group

* Accomplish tasks within a group

* Develop social skills

* Participate in community events of your choosing

* Visit public facilities eg various recreational centres, library.

* Learn a new skill through community services. 

* and maybe even make new friends along the way ! 

Our support workers

* Are trained and experienced 

* Have in-depth knowledge of communities, and how they play an important role in the lives of NDIS participants. 

* Are expert in supporting participants accomplish their goals in the community

* Provide any support you require to communicate with others.

* Can plan, coordinate and deliver whatever is required for your community activities.