People Care Support Services

Chief cook cooking at the asian kitchen

assistance with household tasks

Peoplecare Support Services can help NDIS participants with household tasks, per their individual funding plan & personal goals.
We can provide a wide range of assistance.
 Our support workers will consult with you about your goals and come to an agreement with you about how best to achieve them. 
Common tasks we can assist with include:
* Weekly general housework 
eg floors, wet areas, dusting
* Washing & putting away dishes. 
* Tidying
* Organising 
* Laundry
* Preparing meals
* Bed making & changing
* Grocery shopping: online & in-store
* Pet care
* Periodic cleaning of 
– Furniture 
– Windows 
– Household electrical appliances eg fridge, freezer, stove, microwave 
* Vehicle
These tasks can be done either by assisting you to do them or be done for you per your instructions, according to your abilities, preferences, and needs. 
Should you wish to develop skills and independence, your support worker can assist with achieving this goal.