People Care Support Services

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Assist With Personal Activities / Household Tasks

We assist participants with daily personal activities and skills development. Our services include activities related to personal hygiene, cleanliness, and supervision of individual daily tasks both at home and in the community. Specifically, we assist with the following:
• Eating and drinking
• Attending all appointments
• Using aids, appliances, and communication devices.

• Personal hygiene activities like bathing,
dressing, grooming, etc

For those living with any type of disability, carrying out daily activities can be a challenge. 
If you are looking for a registered NDIS service provider in Darwin that can deliver high-quality assistance with living tasks and activities funded by your NDIS plan, Peoplecare Support Services can help you! 
We are your one-stop solution!
We will help you to lead your life with self-esteem, dignity, independence, and autonomy.